This site serves as an overview about my research. I studied Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen and graduated in 2005 with a work in the field of spoken language recognition at the Chair for Computer Science 6. After that I pursued my PhD studies in Saarbrücken at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in the Computational Biology group of Thomas Lengauer. From February 2010 till May 2012 I was a Postdoctoral researcher in the Statistical Genetics Group headed by Bertram Müller-Myhsok at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich. From July 2012 till July 2015 I worked at the FIND lab of the Stanford University headed by Michael D Greicius first as a Postdoctoral Scholar (till January 2015) and later as an Instructor. In August 2015 I joined UCL‘s Translational Imaging Group (TIG) headed by Sebastien Ourselin as a MRC Senior Fellow with support from the eMedLab project.


You can find results of my research here in the form of Publications, Posters and Software.

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding how molecular biology shapes brain function in healthy and diseased brains. In the healthy brain I aim at answering questions such as “Which genes are responsible for variations in neural activity in the resting brain?” whereas in the diseased brain I want to understand which processes are causing severe malfunctions leading to neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. My goal is to understand the molecular biology behind these disorders; down the road such an understanding may result in new drug candidates. Furthermore, I am interested in developing disease biomarkers that assist in early detection of the disorder and in personalizing the treatment. Thus, my research interests are centered on topics in neuroimaging, molecular genetics, and machine learning (and their combinations).

Contact details

André Altmann
Translational Imaging Group
University Collage London
8th Floor Malet Place Engineering Building, room 8.20
Malet Place
London, WC1E 6BT
Phone: +44 20 7679 0373
Fax:     +44
Email: a.altmann[a]ucl.ac.uk
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