Brain Transcriptomics


In this line of projects we havily rely on the Allen Brain Atlas. There are different approaches to combine the transcriptomic data in the Allen Atlas with brain imaging data.

Transcriptomics Parcellation of the Cortex

The human cortex can be organized in different ways. Traditionally, parcellations reflected neuroanatomy and cytoarchitectonic features of the brain, i.e., structural organization. More recently, atlases have also been derived from neural activity at rest or during tasks, i.e., functional organization. It is known that the gene expression is variable across the human cortex (Hawrylycz et al., 2012) and that regional gene expression reflects the regional composition of cell types. Here, we construct a transcriptome-based cortical atlas and test its overlap with structural and functional parcellations of the human cortex.

Transcriptomic Parcellation At different resolutions.

More details on this topic can be read on our OHBM poster and the transcriptomic annotations are available on github.

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